Although Medical Legal Exhibits can be used for demand packages, mediation or settlement without the medical expert witness’ or treating physician’s review; to enter the medical legal exhibits as demonstrative evidence during deposition or trial, the testifying medical expert needs to verify that the exhibits are fair, accurate, educational and will aid him in conveying his testimony to the jury.

The best way to obtain the testifying medical expert’s approval is to email the illustrations to him, mail him color copies or meet with him with the color copies at least a week before his deposition for him to review the illustrations and make any corrections or changes that he deems necessary to be able to testify that the illustrations are fair, accurate and portray your client’s case specific conditions or surgeries.

Medical Legal Exhibits Begin with Qualified Illustrators

How to Lay the Proper Foundation for Demonstrative Evidence | Case Specific Exhibits

How to Lay the Proper Foundation for Demonstrative Evidence

Elizabeth Shick is the most experienced medical legal illustrator with 20+ years creating thousands of medical legal exhibits that have won hundreds of millions in verdicts & settlements.  She pays close attention to your client’s specific medical records, striving to “get it right the first time”. She does not want your medical expert to become frustrated or overwhelmed with needing to make copious corrections to the illustrations.

Your medical expert will be impressed and relieved that he will have illustrations to aid him in his testimony, making his job easier.  Medical Visions, Inc. does not charge for corrections to the color copies of the preliminary illustrations because Elizabeth wants to make sure that you do not hold back so that the illustrations are exactly what you and your testifying medical expert want and need.

Accurate Medical Condition Portrayals

In the event that your medical expert cannot review the illustrations prior to his deposition, Elizabeth’s extensive actual “on the board” experience in producing exclusively medical legal exhibits is even more important.  She knows how to properly and accurately portray your client’s medical conditions, which artistic style to use and which traditional colors to use that most medical experts and treating physicians are already familiar with from their educational experience and practice.

In the unlikely event that your expert requires additional changes during deposition, give him magic markers and ask him to feel free to draw directly on the exhibits or add labels right then and there during his testimony in order to make the exhibits more fair, accurate and educational.  This active/tactile input in addition to the visual input of the exhibit and audio input from his testimony only makes your medical expert’s deposition even more memorable for the jury.

Although pleasing the medical expert is paramount, creating an exhibit that the jury can easily understand is just as important.  Our exhibits are designed for non-medical jurors to quickly grasp. Our case specific exhibits get straight to the point without confusing or distracting clutter.  Elizabeth’s education and extensive experience can ensure that your medical expert’s exhibits are an asset to your case.  Our goal at Medical Visions, Inc. is to make your job, your medical expert’s job and the jury’s experience a positive and stress free event.