1.Send Us Your Medical Records and Get A FREE Quote

Send us your clients radiology reports and operative notes. After review we will email or fax you a free quote describing the exhibits that will best illustrate your clients injuries and surgeries. This will include a sample of similar exhibits we have produced for similar cases.

2.Send Payment and Receive Illustrations

Once we have received payment and all materials needed to produce the exhibits, we will provide four 8.5×11 color copies. We create these illustrations by tracing your clients actual films and utilizing the information derived from the medical records. Given our experience, corrections are usually not required, but are offered-free of charge.

3.Request a Poster Size Exhibit

Our exhibits are beneficial in aiding a case which is often settled outside of court. However, we can provide larger, full-color court room displays (30×40 inch mounted on light-weight foam-core, and framed) for mediation or trial.