Elizabeth Shick
Medical Illustrator

Tracie Darnell
VP Of Production

Cazi Thomas
VP of Communications & Marketing


Elizabeth Shick is originally from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, but has lived in Atlanta, GA since 1988. She graduated, summa cum laude, from U.G.A. with a degree in Scientific Illustration & went on to study Medical Illustration at the Medical College of GA.

She was the senior medical illustrator at MLI before opening her own company, Medical Visions, Inc. in 1991. She is one of the top medical legal illustrators in the country with extensive experience, personally producing over 10,000 exhibits which have helped attorneys obtain some of the highest verdicts & settlements in the country.

Elizabeth’s motto is “Do what you love & delegate everything else.” Although a friendly staff is available to service you, your artwork is meticulously produced by the owner of Medical Visions, Inc. who has a passion for accuracy & quality in her work.

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