Step 1: Send Us Your Medical Records for a Free Quote

Send us your client’s radiology and operative notes. After review, we will email you a free quote describing different exhibit options for you to pick and choose which exhibits best suit your budget and objectives. This will include samples of similar exhibits we had prepared in the past for similar cases.

Step 2: Send Payment and Receive Illustrations

The cost to create the preliminary exhibits is usually between $450.00 and $900.00. Once we have received payment and all the materials to produce the exhibits, we will e-mail and snail mail to you four 8.5 x 11 color copies for you and your medical expert to review. We DO NOT charge for corrections at this step (exception: Med Mal cases include 2 free corrections and will be charged for additional revisions).

Step 3: Exhibits Will be Emailed Hi-Res for Your Power Point or Digital Needs.

If you do not settle or conclude your case using the color copies, once they are approved you can purchase a large 30” x 40” mounted on foamcore, laminated and framed board for an additional $250.00 per board. (Shipping not included.)

Step 4: (Optional) Order a Poster Size Exhibit.

Get The Best For Less!

Our goal at Medical Visions, Inc. is to create the highest quality and most accurate medical legal exhibits that make your medical experts’ job easier and provide the jury with easily understood visuals.

Our exhibits are designed for non-medical jurors to quickly grasp the trauma your client experienced. We get straight to the point without confusing or distracting clutter.  Elizabeth’s expertise in patient (jury) education and extensive experience will ensure that your medical exhibits are an asset to your case.