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Elizabeth Shick is from Palm Beach Gardens, Fl., but has lived in Atlanta, GA, since 1988. She graduated, summa cum laude, from U.G.A. with a degree in Scientific Illustration and studied medical illustration at the Medical College of GA.

Since 1989, Shick has worked as a senior medical legal illustrator, opening her own company in 1991, Medical Visions Inc.

Her extensive experience has made her one of the top medical legal illustrators in the country. She has personally produced over 10,000 exhibits which have helped attorneys obtain some of the highest verdicts and settlements in the country.

spine, cervical, disc protrusion, bulge, herniation, nucleus, annulus, annular tear, spinal cord c3-4, c4-5, c5-6, c6-7, MRI

Although a friendly staff is available to service you, your artwork is meticulously produced by the owner of Medical Visions, Inc., who has a passion for accuracy and quality in her work.

    • Much Lower Prices: Savings from in house production, reductions in production costs and no need for expensive marketing are all passed on to you.
    • No Extra Fees: We do not charge extra for color copies, emailing or to review your x-rays, etc.
    • Fast Turnaround: To give you and your expert plenty of time for review.
    • Accuracy: We do not charge for corrections, (*except in Med Mal in which two revisions are included), so our goal is to “Get It Right the First Time.” Elizabeth is always available to talk to you or your medical expert, if necessary.

      multiple injury facial, open fractures, lacerations, humeral, humerus, femoral, femur rib, clavicle tibia, fibula

  • Clear, Concise & Educational Style: Elizabeth’s artwork gets straight to the point, is easy for a non-medical jury to understand and is not “Over-the-Top” slick or gory in order not to offend your judge or jury.
  • Over 25 Years Experience: Elizabeth personally creates your exhibits and has created thousands of medical legal exhibits for settlement, mediation, deposition, trial and legal publishers (West Thomson Reuters).
  • Proven Success: Elizabeth’s exhibits have helped thousands of attorneys obtain some of the highest awards and settlements for their clients in almost every state.

Get The Best For Less!

lumbar, spine, vertebrae, disc, bulge, herniation, protrusion, nerve root normal, nucleus, annulus, annular tear

Our goal at Medical Visions, Inc. is to create you professional-grade medical exhibits so that your medical expert’s job and the jury’s experience a positive and stress free event.

Every one of our case specific exhibits are designed for non-medical jurors to quickly grasp get straight to the point without confusing or distracting clutter.  Elizabeth’s education and extensive medical illustration experience can ensure that your medical expert’s exhibits are an asset to your case.