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$95 for8.5 x 11 color copy and e-mailed letter sized pdf.

$50 additional for Hi-Res file

$250 for 30″ x 40″ large display exhibit.

these poster size displays are mounted on light-weight foamcore, laminated, and framed.

Shipping NOT included

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Head & Neck

Mechanism of Cervical Ligamentous Sprain B5
Mechanism of Cervical Muscle Injury B7
Muscles / Nerves of Head, Neck, and Back B8
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion G2
Cervical Discs: Normal, Bulge, and Herniation H30
Closed Head Injury: Axon Shearing L0
Anatomy and Functions of Brain L1
Closed Head Injury L2
Brain and Cranial Nerve Location for Cognition L26b
Muscles and Ligaments of Head, Neck, and TMJ D5
Anatomy and Pathology of TMJ D1
TMJ: Mechanism of Injury D2
Normal Eye Anatomy G6

Muscle & Nerve

Muscle Function and Injury G2c
Anatomy of the Lingual Nerve L13
Effect of Muscle Spasm on Nerves B4
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy A1


Mechanism of Vertebral Disc Injury B6
Laminotomy and Discectomy Surgery G2b
Lumbar Discs: Normal, Bulge, and Herniation I30
Lumbar Surgeries G2a

Female or Male Specific

Pap Smear vs Colposcopy C1
Normal Female Pelvic Anatomy C3
Male Reproductive Organs: Pelvic Orgains: Sagittal view; Normal G7
Normal Female Reproductive Anatomy G3


McRobert’s Maneuver E12
Shoulder Dystocia E4
Shoulder Dystocia: Incorrect Delivery E8
Wood’s Corkscrew Maneuver E7
Blood Supply from Mother to Baby E3
Normal vs Compromised Fetal – Maternal Exchange E2
Effects of Hypoxia on the Fetal Heart and Brain E5


Carpal Tunnel G1
Total Knee Replacement J18
Total Hip Replacement G2d
Laparotomy and Splenectomy M1
Normal Skin, 3rd Degree Burn, and Skin Graft M2
Blood Supply to the Spinal Cord I0
Stages of Decubitus K6



Shoulder Dystocia


ACDF – anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

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